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Product Questions

12 months on all headphones and speakers, visit our Warranty Page to read more.

First, check your cell phone or media player you are using for your JAYS earphones and make sure this is not the source of the problem. Easiest way is to try your JAYS earphones in another cell phone/media player or another set of earphones in your cell phone/media player. If you by then are sure it’s the JAYS earphones that have a problem then contact your reseller and tell them about your problems with the product. We/they require a valid receipt to handle the warranty claim. This is for us/them to know the age of the product since we have a limited warranty period.

Speaker cables are around 2mm in diameter and inside of them there are 3 cords and Kevlar material as a strengthener. Soldering joint are 1-2mm big and everything houses inside a tiny 3.5mm plug. If you get problems with intermittent sound it might be the cable that have been exposed to too much pull or swing force. Our products are 100% tested before leaving our factory with highest quality standard but if you get problems with your cables, please contact the reseller of your product for further help and information.

Remove the silicone ear tip and check for dirt on the protection filter. All holes must be open otherwise it will affect the sound quality. Try cleaning the filter with a tooth brush.

If you believe your product has an issue we recommend that your first consult the User Manual, the solutions to many common problems can usually be found in the FAQ section in the last couple of pages for each language. If you have lost your manual you can find it at the download section for your product on our website.

With Bluetooth technology there is a small buffert of the audio before it starts playing. With most streaming apps and devices you will find that the audio is in sync, however there might be some apps, services and devices that can cause a slight delay. If so try another app, device or service.

The hours of battery you can get from a product varies a lot depending on factors like volume, range, radio signal environment, bluetooth chipset in the device and so on. Our product is tested using 60% volume.

Bluetooth uses the 2.4GHz spectrum as do many other wireless products. If you experience problems with the signal try moving the audio streaming device to another location and try to shut off other wireless equipment to find out what is causing the problem. 

Change place of your audio streaming device and earphones if surrounding products disturb the audio signal.
REset the earphones
Remove the earphones from the Bluetooth device list on your audio streaming device and redo the pairing procedure.
Turn of WIFI on your audio streaming device.
Remove the earphones from the Bluetooth device list on your audio streaming device and redo the pairing procedure.
Restart your audio streaming device.
Close apps on your audio streaming device that could use resources and cause audio streaming issues.
A high audio level setting will always bring more background noise to the sound. Try adjusting the audio level on your audio streaming device and earphones to find the best setting.
Smartphones and other audio streaming devices use different Bluetooth hardware that heavily can affect the sound quality on the paired earphones. Try a different source to see if audio is improved or not.

No, we have no app available for our bluetooth products.

Try to wiggle the earbuds to connect to the pogo pins or use a different charging cable and also a different charginng source. If the product still doesn`t charge then contact JAYS Support.

No, lightning cables are not included in any orders.

Scratch noises are normally related to oxidation and dirt build up on the 3.5mm metal plug and can easily be removed by swiping around the metal jack with your fingers. Also make sure your listening device is not the issue meaning try the earphone/headphone on another device.

The sound quality is very dependent on a correct fit inside your ear. Try all sizes with the included ear tips until you get a tight seal. Sound quality can also vary between audio streaming devices depending on hardware and streaming quality.

This is most often due to ear wax clogging the sound tube wax filter guard. Remove the silicon ear tips and use a tooth brush or similar and gently try to clean/remove the clogging from the metal grill and the sound should get back to normal. 

All ears are unique meaning in-ear earphones sometimes can be a bit tricky in terms of finding a proper fit inside the ear canal for some users. We include a wide variety of sizes (XXS-L) on our silicon sleeves and in some models we also include foam sleeves. You can also have different size on your ears meaning one side can have Medium and the other Small so go ahead and try them all out. A bad fit will cause less bass response and they will also be more prone to fall out of your ear when you are on the go. It is also good to every now and then clean your ears since the ear wax can make it tougher for the silicone sleeves to stick onto the sides of the inner ear canal.
If the silicon sleeves doesn’t make it for you we recommend trying out Comply Foam Sleeves that expand inside the ear canal. You can purchase these on our accessory page If you normally use XXS, XS or S on silicon sleeves we recommend foam sleeves with the size M. If you normally use M or L on silicon sleeves then go for L on the foam sleeves. We currently have no foam model available that fits a-Six Wireless. 
Remember most of our earphones can be used behind the ears meaning the ear absorb the microphonics (cable noise) and when you pull the cable they will still be stuck in your ears.

Make sure the earphones are not connected to another device.
Disable and enable Bluetooth® on your device.
Move the earphones closer to the device or alter their positions to avoid Bluetooth® interference.
Verify no other wireless equipment interfere with your earphones Bluetooth® signal.
If the earpieces does not pair with eachother, place the earpieces in the charging case, then take them out both at the same time.

No, they are not waterproof. We recomend our m-Series for waterproof earphones.

  • Disconnect device from Bluetooth pairing
  • Take Left or Right f-Five earbud our from charging case. Short press 5 times. LED will go White and RED in constant light. 
  • Take other earbud out from charging case. Short press 5 times. LED will go White and RED in constant light.
  • Put both earbuds back in to the charging case.
  • Remove them from the charging case. When they are paired again to device, reset is complete.